We are proactively adapting to COVID-19 by remotely meeting with volunteers and city staff to provide education and training on making our parks safer. If you’d like to support our work, please join us on social media or, if you are able, donate today.

Protecting every child from harmful and synthetic pesticides where they Live, learn, and play!

Support our movement towards ending the use of glyphosate and other harmful and synthetic pesticides. If you are looking for support to bring organic and regenertive land management to your community, please reach out.

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We provide the resources, expertise, and partner with you every step of the way to successfully transition to organic and regenerative management.


Our advocacy is built on relationships, by supporting city staff, landscape contractors, and school administrators with the tools and training needed to successful end the use of synthetic pesticides.


We provide the training and resources needed to successfully transition to organic and regenerative management.

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Whether you’re just looking to gather information, or interested in contacting your local officials, our free PLAYbook gives you a variety of options to start making a difference.


To date, Non-Toxic Neighborhoods has partnered with over 200 + cities, counties, school districts and universities across the country to enormous success. We’re proud to report that not a single partner community has resumed the use of synthetic pesticides!

Make your city non-toxic.