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Non-Toxic Neighborhoods

We are devoted to protecting our children from harmful synthetic pesticides that are linked to developmental delays and lasting health impacts. We believe it’s every child’s human right to be safe where they play and learn.


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We support organic and regenerative land management principles that eliminate exposure between children and synthetic pesticides while enhancing green space biodiversity, sequestering carbon, and lessening impact on local watersheds.

We inspire global participation one community at a time for future generations. To date, Non-Toxic Neighborhoods has partnered with over 65 cities, counties, school districts and universities across the country, to enormous success. We’re proud to report that not a single partner community has resumed the use of synthetic pesticides!

Our approach is to educate communities and policy influencers about the importance of soil health, as well the importance of protecting our children, landscape managers, and food supply from the outdated and harmful chemical approach to managing pest pressure.

“I felt I failed as a parent to protect my children from harm when I learned that every time our boys played baseball they were playing on fields that use glyphosate and 2,4-D for weed control. We are now working to make organic and regenerative management the “norm” and not the “exception”. Non-Toxic Neighborhoods and our advisors believe that it should be a basic human right that our children are protected from harmful and synthetic pesticides where they live, play and learn.”


Founder, Non-Toxic Neighborhoods


Our team of advisors share vetted and sound science, as well as insights into our regulatory system. Together, we help policy influencers understand the urgency to switch to proven and organically-driven policies to protect our children, pets, and the environment.
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Non-Toxic Neighborhoods is a program of Farmer’s Footprint, a non-profit co-founded by Dr. Zach Bush with a mission to catalyze universal adoption of regenerative agriculture for the health of our species and planet.

Non-Toxic Neighborhoods is our way of reaching out beyond the agriculture world and educate suburban and urban communities about the dangers of pesticides, like RoundUp. The same chemicals that are used at schools, lawns, parks, and athletic fields for weed control are being sprayed on our farms across the country. We want you informed about both and empowered to make change in your local community.